Checklist for a Rental Property Walk-Through

A rental property walk-through can be a great opportunity both for tenants and landowners to protect themselves from unexpected repair charges. Both parties are expected to be present during property walk-through. This process allows the potential tenant to examine meticulously the unit. The tenant must create a checklist to guide them in inspecting the unit during their visit. This will help you spot the areas of the home that will require repairs. Furthermore, the involved parties are able to communicate their expectations for the appropriate rental property maintenance to evade from unexpected disagreements.


Sectional room or area of the property must be included in a well done rental walk-through checklist. If the real estate is an apartment, the list must contain a section for each room within the house. If a garage or storage shed is part of the rental, it must be indicated on the list. Sample of which is, a bedroom checklist section will include flooring, ceiling, walls, lights, windows and door. In addition to those are closet, carpet and any fittings that contain your house. A bathroom will include tub, shower and sink as well as those first six items mentioned in the bedroom checklist. Below the page or in a “Comments” section of the checklist is a space where you can jot down intangible things such as offensive odor of an insect or indication of existence of rodent.


Both landowner and the occupants are supposed to assess the items on the list by rows while cross-examining each room. You may note a comment such as “good” as counterpart to the intact item and have it recorded for the purposes of presenting what the two parties have inspected and agreed upon on its stipulations. On the case of damaged items, comprehensive notes and explanations next to these things must be exposed in order for the landlord to be guided as to what previous damage the property has before the tenant moves in. A thorough documentation will be of great help for the owner to effortlessly distinguish which present damages are to be incurred to the present settlers. Each sheet of the checklist must bear the initials of both parties while signature on the last page.


Assessment on a property walk-through may at times seem complicated. For instance, we cannot tell if the roof is in great condition unless it rains. The rental checklist must contain a “stipulated in good working order” wherein the landholder confirms that a particular item is functioning well precedent to the transfer of the dweller. Usually these conditions are stipulated in landlord-tenant law. Fireplaces or wood stoves, roofing, plumbing, electricity and appliances are the things to be considered by the homeowners to be in good working condition except if the tenants incur damage to them while on use.


In the case both parties unable to personally appear at the examination of the premise, photos can demonstrate noted damages. The pictures must be labeled and close-up shot in the part of the room where damage actually subsists. A scratch on the wall or cracks on any wooden furniture issue can be avoided to be disputed later by either party when shots of proof of damage are properly kept.


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