Understanding the Process of Home Staging

For most people selling their house is one of the biggest business deals of their life. Unfortunately, not everyone tries to get actively involved in the selling process and instead feels overwhelmed watching its complexities. Eventually they enter into a deep state of boredom and apathy. At the end they simply hire a professional real estate agent and prefer sitting with folded hands, waiting for the results. Well there is no harm in hiring a professional agent, as they apparently have better knowledge about real estate than you do. Continue reading “Understanding the Process of Home Staging”

Top 5 Steps to Staging A Home

Top 5 Steps to Staging A Home

Staging a home has 5 critical steps that you must follow to ensure success with your home staging efforts. Whether you’re located in Queens, New York or live in the west coast staging will help sell house quicker period!

How to Stage a Home with 5 Simple Steps

De clutter and Fix up Stage

* Start DE-cluttering your home from items that should be given away or thrown out. Think of this as moving out when you clear out your house of items you do not wish to bring to your new home. This will help you clean your house and get rid of items that may hurt your house selling efforts Continue reading “Top 5 Steps to Staging A Home”